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Pre Event sessions

On 10th September, prior to the main conference ARMO2023 will offer an optional pre event seminar

ARMO 2023 Pre Event Sessions


Sunday 10 September

Controlling Your Cooling to Improve Part Quality and Dimensional Consistency

10.00 - 15.45

Dr Gareth McDowell, 493k and Dr Nick Henwood, Rotomotive

Of all the stages involved in rotomoulding, cooling continues to be the process step where the rotomoulder has the least control.  The result of this lack of control can be an inability to maintain part quality, especially in relation to dimensional tolerances and shape retention.

In addition, variations in cooling time will make process optimization extremely difficult.
This seminar will examine the reasons behind the lack of cooling control and will explain the major mechanisms at work within the process.  This will lead to the formulation of practical action plans, to improve the reliability and consistency of cooling.

As part of the Seminar, various cooling concepts will be demonstrated, in real time, using a bench-top rotomoulding machine.

Please note that this seminar will take place in English and translation will not be possible. There will be a maximum of 30 places for this event.

ARMO Member
- €175.00 + VAT

Non Member - €250.00 + VAT

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